Monday, 12 March 2012

Yet another free bank transfer from Apple Freebiejeebies instead of a free iPhone

If you've been following my freebie success over the last five years, you'll already know that I am a huge fan of Rich and Alex over at Apple Freebiejeebies.   As the web's best independent incentive rewards site, they've now sent out over £1 million of free gifts to thousands of users, including something like £75,000 to me!

Not bad for something that I got into totally by chance and started as a hobby!  There are only so many free iPhones, iPads, games consoles and gadgets that any one person can own and I've even gone for random gifts such as a garden shed using Freebiejeebies custom order system.

More recently, I've taken up cash equivalents, which they are happy to pay by bank transfer or Pay Pal, hence the latest £255 credited to my account today. That will do nicely for my golf trip to the Algarve in April.

That works out to just 15 referrals at £17 each, not bad when most of those came from my iPhone blog, Simplyfreeiphone, particularly the How To Get A Free iPhone page.

Go take a look yourself, then do your research so that you are happy the system will work for you.  If it does, then with a little bit of hard work you'll soon be earning free gifts, gadgets and cash just like I've done.